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We are open for product and outdoor photography in Melbourne!

Photography that supports the delivery of essential services is permitted.  Let's go!


We can also do product photography in our studio.

Freight and postal services are working in Victoria, so if you can send it, we can shoot it!  We'll dial you in with Messenger, Zoom, Teams or Skype so you can direct the shoot just like you were here.  You'll see exactly what we're shooting as we shoot it!

We normally shoot everything from jewellery to coaches, but during the COVID-19 lockdown we are limited to shooting inside our studio.

Next steps:

  1. Make a Booking

  2. Call to discuss the shoot on (0418) 325 812

  3. Send your product or packaging to us in Wheelers Hill, VIC

  4. Nominate your live platform (Messenger, Zoom, Teams, Skype or Facetime)

  5. On the day of the shoot, we will dial you in, so that you can see the set and then get a live view of what the camera sees.

  6. We will return your products or packaging if required.

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Henry Bucks
Henry Bucks
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